Commuters suffer as transport workers enforce strike in Sunamganj

Transport workers in Snamganj have enforced an indefinite strike, demanding a new bus terminal and stopping alleged harassment by police.

The strike began following an announcement by Sunamganj District Workers’ Union on Thursday night, according to which all the long-route buses suspended their operations.

Visiting the old bus terminal of the district,  found that all the bus counters were closed. The terminal was deserted as all the buses had been shifted from there, and commuters who had bought advance tickets were getting their money back from the bus operators.

“We don’t have a place to park our buses. The old terminal can’t accommodate the increasing number of buses. We have to park our vehicles beside roads, and we get harassed by the police for this. That’s why we’ve enforced the strike to find a solution,” said Sejaul Kabir, President of the workers’ union.

He said the police often take their buses in the name of handling traffic congestion.

Police refuted the allegations.

“Three buses of Hanif, Mamun and Shakil Paribahan are currently in the police lines due to breaking traffic rules and a lack of legal documents. The transport strike enforced by bus operators is unacceptable,” said Mohammad Ehsan Shah, Superintendent of Police (SP) of Sunamganj.

“We’re trying our best so that passengers don’t have to suffer because of the strike,” he said.

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