‘They’ve imposed sanctions on us, we’ll also impose sanctions on them’

Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader has said Bangladesh will move ahead according to its constitution. “We don’t accept the sanctions of any country. They couldn’t defeat us imposing sanctions in 1971. They won’t be able to stop Sheikh Hasina today by imposing sanctions. We don’t care the snactions of anyone else.”

He was speaking at a ‘peace and development’ rally organised by Dhaka District Awami League at Keraniganj in the capital on Tuesday afternoon.

Quader said: “Nobody listens to the American sanctions. Venezuela, Gabon and Sudan didn’t pay heed to the US sanctions. Even, many of the so-called first ranking countries don’t bother about the UN sanctions. They have imposed sanctions on us and we will also impose sanctions on them. Darkness will gradually disappear, fog will disappear.”

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