Xiaomi launches PCBA manufacturing plant in Bangladesh

Global smartphone makers Xiaomi Sunday said it recently started manufacturing printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) locally in Bangladesh.

PCBA is one of the major parts of electrical, electronics and technology products. It connects various chips and electrical circuits to enable the overall functionality of a smartphone.

Xiaomi already established a surface mount technology (SMT) plant in its Gazipur factory. This initiative is financed through 100 percent foreign direct investment.

The company has collaborated with DBG Technology BD to manufacture its smartphones and PCBAs in Bangladesh.
DBG, a global EMS company, has been operating in the manufacturing business around the world for several renowned brands of consumer electronics.

Ziauddin Chowdhury, Xiaomi country manager, said, “Redmi 10C is the first product of Xiaomi that is available in the market with PCBAs manufactured in Bangladesh. Within a short time, all the locally produced Xiaomi smartphones will be using locally manufactured PCBAs.”

In the local plant, the SMT machines will mount around 2,500 surface mount device (SMD) components on the blank printed circuit board (PCB) to convert it into a completely functional smartphone motherboard/ PCBA and sub-PCBA.

“The SMT plant can produce 6,000 PCBAs daily. PCBA production will increase local value addition by around 10 per cent,” Xiaomi said.

In October 2021, Xiaomi set up a factory in Bangladesh to produce smartphones locally.

About 95 per cent of the demand for Xiaomi smartphones in the country is met by the local factory. All entry-level and mid-range phones like Redmi 10A, Redmi 10C, and Redmi Note 11 are being made in Bangladesh.

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