About Us

Introducing the first online english 24 hours news from Sylhet

Bangla Mirror Group is proud to announce its latest news portal service, Sylhet Mirror. An online service that is accessible from anywhere in the world, which brings the latest news, views and reviews from the booming Sylhet region of Bangladesh.

Bangla Mirror Group started publishing the first English weekly newspaper for the British Bangladeshis known as Bangla Mirror on October 2002.  Since then the company has rapidly expanded and also publish the highly successful annul publication, the British Bangladeshi Who’s Who, a publication that list the profiles of the best of the British Bangladeshi community in the UK.

The Bangla Mirror team conducted a detailed study in the Sylhet Region to establish the market demand for the Sylhet Mirror 24 hours English online service.  The results from the extensive study overwhelmingly showed a huge demand for this service.

There is currently a lack of English newspapers printed or available online for the Sylhet Region. We therefore feel encouraged in taking the first initiative in introducing the Sylhet Mirror Daily English online service.

English language speakers continue to increase and the demand for credible news is growing. Sylhet Mirror will focus and work with groups such as academies, industrialists, enterprises, as well as tourists to facilitate and bridge the connection between Sylhet and the rest of the world.

Sylhet region is attracting by many industrialist, international tourism and entrepreneurs, which continue to grow, and the region has recently seen major developments projects, such as Osmani International Airport, world class cricket stadium, five stars hotels, education establishments and modern hospitals.

Our dedicated and dynamic management team includes some of the best journalists from Sylhet, our photographers are out canvassing to bring you update to date pictures.  We currently have a team of over fifty members and professionals working constantly across the globe to bring you news and stories as they happen.  Sylhet Mirror is a free online service and  accessible from 13th of November 2014.