UK women community meeting held in support of mayoral candidate Anwaruzzaman Chowdhury

■ Muhammed Shahed Rahman ■

United Kingdom women community meeting was held in Sylhet City Corporation with the support of mayoral candidate Anwaruzzaman Chowdhury.

On Saturday (May 20, 2023) at the Micro Business Center in East London, a meeting was held in support of Awami League candidate Anwaruzzman Chowdhury in the Sylhet City Corporation elections under the initiative of the United Kingdom Women’s Community.

Under the chairmanship of community leader Nazma Hossain and moderated by community leader Rabia Zaman, under the supervision of Hosne Ara Matin, community activist Abdul Ahad Chowdhury, community activist Jamal Ahmed Khan, women leader Meher Nigar Chowdhury, women leader Nasima Rahim, Samirun Chowdhury spoke on behalf of Anruzzaman Chowdhury campaign committee.

Mayoral candidate Andaruzzaman Chowdhury made an important speech in Sylhet City Corporation election through virtual phone. Public leader Anwaruzzaman Chowdhury thanked all the leaders and everyone present and urged him to add victory by voting for the boat brand.

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