UK diaspora united to win Anwaruzzaman in Sylhet city

By Matiar Chowdhury :


It is our responsibility and duty to make Anwaruzzaman Chowdhury win the Sylhet city election regardless of party affiliation. He is not only the nominated candidate of Awami League, he is also the representative of all expatriates irrespective of party affiliation. If Mr. Chowdhury is elected mayor of Sylhet city, he will play a role in building
a smart Sylhet city, the hopes and aspirations of millions of expatriates will also be rewarded. Speakers said these things at the election rally organized by Anwaruzzaman Chowdhury Campaign Committee UK on Monday May15th yesterday.

The speakers said that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has nominated Anwaruzzanan Chowdhury for the development of Sylhet city and solving all the problems of expatriates. UK Jubo League President Fakhrul Islam Madhu presided over the meeting at 6:00 pm London time and UK Jubo League joint Secretary Jamal Ahmad Khan and UK Jubo League General Secretary Salim Ahmad Khan jointly moderated Anwaruzaman Chowdhury's victory Veteran politician Sultan Mahmud Sharif, United Kingdom Awami League General Secretary Syed Sajidur
Rahman Farooq, United Kingdom Awami League Organizing Secretary Abdul Ahad Chowdhury, Anwaruzzaman Chowdhury's son Rai Hanuzzaman Chowdhury, United Kingdom Women's Awami League President Khaleda Qureshi, Vice President Anjuman Ara Anju, Meher Nigar Chowdhury, Nazma Hossain, Rahela Sheikh, Hosneyara Matin, Syeda Nazneen Sultana Shikha, Kalpana Hamza, Amina Ali, Atafur Rahman Mojahid, Nurul Haque Lala Mia, Shah Azizur Rahman, Advocate Shah Farooq, Robin Pal, Koyes Chowdhury, Zobair Ahmad, Syed Tamim Ahmad, Ahad Chowdhury Babu and others. A large number of expatriates from different cities of Britain participated in the meeting.

The speakers said that since Anwaruzzanan Chowdhury's candidature was confirmed, every expatriate has been working for him from his own position. Some are calling their relatives in the country and requesting them to work in the field for him or some have gone from London to the country to work. Before the elections, thousands of expatriates, regardless of party affiliation, pledged to go to the country and work for him. Joining on Skype from Sylhet, the mayoral candidate Anwaruzzanan Chowdhury said that I have been doing politics on the ideals of the father of the nation since my school life. I have been serving you to the best of my ability.

I have been working for the greater Silator diaspora. I have stood by the expatriates who have heard about the problems of a class of land in the country who are indulging in absorbing the wealth of expatriates. The leader loves me, that's why he nominated me to Sylhet City, I will have the opportunity to work more as a public representative. I have already announced the election manifesto. Not only Sylhet city, I will work as a representative of all expatriates. I have always been with you—am and always will be. Your prayers and love are my wealth.

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