Attacks and vandalism in various restaurants in Sylhet

There have been reports of attacks and vandalism in various restaurants in Sylhet on the Great May Day. The incident took place at Kazitula and Sobhanighat areas of the city around nine o’clock on Monday morning.

It is known that all restaurants in the city are closed on May Day. However, this attack was carried out when Taj Restaurant and Ilyas Restaurant were playing in Kazitula’s Kari Inn Restaurant and Sobhanighat area. However, there was no specific information about who carried out the attack.

Shanto Dev, President of Sylhet Caterers Owners Association, an organization of restaurant owners, said that all the restaurants in the city are closed on May Day, but some restaurant owners had discussed with the Police Commissioner and DC yesterday to keep them open. The administration also agreed. As Sylhet is a tourist city. But this morning some miscreants attacked 3-4 restaurants in Sobhanighat area. We condemn him.

Sylhet Metropolitan Police Deputy Police Commissioner (Media) Sudeep Das said, “We do not have any information in this regard.” We are investigating.’

Meanwhile, a source of the Sylhet Metropolitan Police said that some workers came and spoiled the food as all the restaurants were open on May Day. However, the restaurant owners are claiming that they are not workers.


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