GM Quader for keeping commodity prices affordable during Ramadan

Jatiya Party Chairman GM Quader on Monday called upon the government to take necessary measures to keep the prices of daily essentials within the reach of common people during the holy month of Ramadan.

In a statement, he said people are going through serious ordeals because of the growing price hikes in daily essentials. “So, it has become urgent to keep the prices of daily commodities at a tolerable level during Ramadan by showing respect to the fasting people.”

The Jatiya Party chief bemoaned that the prices of daily essentials have already skyrocketed. “The income of the people of the country has not increased but the expenditure has increased significantly. So the purchasing capacity of common people has decreased largely.”

He voiced concern that common people are not being able to buy necessary food for themselves and their children for lack of money. “Even, common people can’t receive treatment and buy medicine for want of money.”

Jatiya Party Chairman also said their party has long been calling upon the government to introduce a rationing system to ease the suffering of the common people. “In the month of Ramadan and before the Holy Eid, the price of daily commodities should be kept stable by giving subsidies.”

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