Electricity price hiked further, gazette published

The government has issued a gazette notification increasing the price of electricity at wholesale and retail levels.

The retail price of electricity has been increased by 5 per cent, while the wholesale by 8 per cent. With this, the price of electricity at consumer level increased by 12 times in the last 14 years.

The new price will come into effect from tomorrow (February 1).

The gazette was issued on Monday (30 January), Ministry of Power Energy and Mineral Resources confirmed the matter on Tuesday.

According to the new rate, the tariff was raised for lower level consumers by an average 5 per cent to Tk 4.14 per unit (each kilowatt hour) from Tk 3.94 per unit. Bulk tariff was raised by 8.06 percent to Tk 6.70 from Tk 6.20 per unit.

Enhancement in bulk tariff means, the distribution companies will purchase electricity by an increased rate of Tk 0.50 per unit from Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB), while enhancement in retail tariff means, consumers will have to pay enhanced rate for using electricity.

Earlier on January 12, the government hiked the retail price of electricity by 5 per cent per unit on average.


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