How to manage chicken skin in winter?

Though winter sets the stage for various festivities, the season might not be great for your skin. Several skin conditions like dryness and itchiness get aggravated in the cold months and many skin diseases have to be treated with care.

During this time, dermatologists reveal that cases of keratosis pilaris, a severe skin disease, are treated more often.
Manage chicken skin in winter

Have a quick lukewarm bath and limit the time used during bathing. Be gentle on the skin and don’t use very harsh soaps and mild foaming cleansers.

Whenever using creams, use keratolytic cream which has urea, lactic acid and salicylic acid. We use these products along with moisturisers to help soften the skin. If you’re working out, don’t use synthetic clothes as it will further aggravate it. Avoid scrubbing or using loofas while bathing. It’s like shaving or waxing. Make sure the skin is hydrated and use a lot of moisturising in this weather.

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