President hosts Xmas reception for Christian community at Bangabhaban

President Abdul Hamid on Sunday called upon everyone to work unitedly, regardless of caste and religion to build a non-communal Bangladesh including fulfillment of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s dream.

“The positive contribution of communal harmony behind our development and progress is undeniable. The Father of the Nation dreamed of building a happy, prosperous and secular Bangladesh,” he said.

The President called on everyone to work unitedly to build a non-communal Bangladesh in his welcome speech at the event organized at Bangabhaban on the occasion of Christmas.

Welcoming the invited guests at Bangabhaban on the occasion of Christmas, Hamid said “We are citizens of a free country. We gained independence through a bloody liberation war led by the father of the nation regardless of Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians.”

Calling Bangladesh as a place of peace and prosperity, he said behind this achievement is the relentless work and continuous efforts of all irrespective of caste and religion.

Saying that the Constitution of Bangladesh guarantees equal rights to all without discrimination, the President said people of all religions in Bangladesh will celebrate their religious events with due dignity and joyous atmosphere – this is the expectation of all.

Calling communal harmony an eternal tradition of Bengalis and recognized by the world, Hamid said that this tradition should be taken forward collectively.

He also emphasized that everyone should be vigilant so that no person or group can harm this bond of harmony.

He also wished to deepen the bond of friendship existing among all and said that the celebration of this day will be significant only if we can spread the joy of this day among all, regardless of the rich and the poor.

Referring to Jesus Christ as the guide ot the right path  for mankind and said that he (Jesus Christ) preached the glory of God and the good message of Christianity. He teaches peaceful coexistence with love, service, forgiveness, justice among people. Instead of worldly happiness, Jesus Christ emphasized the attainment of eternal happiness through sacrifice, temperance and charity.

Abdul Hamid also wished all the Christians of Bangladesh and the world on this day.

President Hamid exchanged greetings with the leaders of the Christian community at Bangabhaban on the occasion of Christmas, the main religious festival of the Christian community.

The reception was organized for the leaders of the Christian community at the gallery hall of Bangabhaban on Sunday evening.

At the beginning of the programme, President Hamid addressed the Christians in his congratulatory speech.

Then National Christian Fellowship of Bangladesh general secretary  Reverend Martha Das, Trustee of Christian Religious Welfare Trust Dr. Benedict Alo’de Rosario, President of Christian Association Bangladesh Nirmal Rosario, Archbishop of Dhaka, Archbishop Vijay N, de Cross and State Minister of Religion Faridul Haque Khan delivered their speeches on the occasion.

After the President’s closing remarks,the Head of State exchanged greetings with the representatives of the Christian community.

After the exchange of greetings, the President took part in the tea party at the state dining hall with all the invited guests.


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