People won’t allow vote rig anymore: Khasru

BNP Standing Committee Member Amir Khasru Mahmud Chowdhury has said people of the country will not allow vote rig anymore.

“The government has already received the message that people of this country will not accept vote rig this time. People will catch the vote thieves red handed this time. They (people) will elect their government by exercising their voting rights who would be accountable to them,” said the BNP leader in a brief rally before the mass procession held in front of Ashwini Kumar Hall in Barishal city.

Barishal city BNP south and north units arranged the mass procession as part of the centrally announced programmes.

Today, people of the country have taken to the streets risking their lives to regain their democratic, political and constitutional rights, said the BNP’s standing committee member.

He further said, “The government has already killed many people through enforced disappearances, crossfire and police custody. Recently 13 BNP leaders have been killed.”

Though the government has been in power for so long by creating an atmosphere of fear but the people of the country have overcome fear and come to the streets to overthrow this fascist government, said Khasru.

He said shooting, enforced disappearance and indiscriminate killings cannot stop these people. “As like in the past, this time the people of the country too will win in the movement of democracy.”

Among others, BNP organizing secretary Bilkis Jahan Shirin, assistant organizing secretary Akon Quddusur Rahman, member Abu Naser Md. Rahmatullah, Ebaidul Haque Chan and Barishal city BNP convener Moniruzzaman Khan Faruque were present at that time.

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