UK in Dhaka celebrates 150th anniv of 1st int’l football match

British High Commission Dhaka has celebrated the 150th anniversary of the first international football match which was played between two UK nations, England and Scotland, on 30 Nov 1872.

The High Commission organised a friendly football match to mark the day, with teams made up of British and Bengali staff representing England and Scotland at the British High Commission Club in Dhaka on Wednesday.
Through the anniversary the High Commission celebrated the role the UK played in giving the beautiful game to the world. The anniversary also neatly fell on St Andrew’s Day, which commemorates the Patron Saint of Scotland, said the High Commission.

Cheering on the teams, British Deputy High Commissioner Javed Patel said: “I am a big fan of football and I am delighted we are remembering the beginnings of international football in this way. Football in the UK is global in every way imaginable. Our national league includes players from all over the world. And is followed by fans all over the world, including here in Bangladesh.

“Football has the power to bring people together, regardless of their age, race, gender, culture, or nationality. Today, we celebrate that.”

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