Homeopathy effectively tackle dengue

According to the experts, the real challenge to beating dengue will come in November. Dengue mosquito breeding will be at its peak this month. There is no specific antiviral medicine or injection for dengue treatment. But it is curable, and homeopathic treatment can be an effective prevention for dengue.

Homeopathy specialist Dr. Amitava Gupta in India has shared the symptoms and treatments of dengue:


Dr. Gupta said, “Many dengue patients come to my chamber.” “They suffer from fever, but the symptoms are quite different, like high fever with body ache, painful tenderness of the eyeball.”

He also referred that not all fevers are caused by dengue; viral infections can cause some. After diagnosing a dengue patient, Dr. Gupta recommends an NS1 blood test. After that, he starts treating any dengue-positive patient.


Eupatorium perfoliatum 30 is an effective homeopathy drug that can help to reduce body pain and cures other blood disorders by increasing platelets.

Dengue patients should hydrate their bodies as much as possible.

Mainly, papaya leaf juice is an essential remedy for dengue fever which helps to increase platelets naturally.
Vegetable juice, fruit juice, and coconut water are effective ways to hydrate the body.

Besides, eating protein is needed to recover from fever during dengue.

Homeopathy has the potential to decrease the headache, body aches, intensity of fever, loss of appetite, and other complications of a dengue patient.

As per Dr. Gupta, homeopathic treatment helps to enhance the immunity power.
It takes a moderate amount of time, but it provides a permanent treatment without any side effects.

Source: Hindustan Times

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