Sleep quality affects women’s happiness

A study done by Washington State University found that sleep quality affected women’s happiness and how they felt about advancing in their careers. It might have no effect on men’s ambitions.

“When women are getting a good night’s sleep and their mood is boosted, they are more likely to be oriented in their daily intentions toward achieving status and responsibility at work,” said lead author Leah Sheppard, an associate professor in WSU’s Carson College of Business. “If their sleep is poor and reduces their positive mood, then we saw that they were less oriented toward those goals.”

However, women more often reported lowered intentions to pursue more status at work on days following a night of poor sleep.

For instance, they might take some practical steps to improve work aspirations, ranging from practising meditation to help with both sleep and emotion regulation to putting better boundaries on work hours – and of course, simply striving to get better sleep.

Source: Hindustan Times

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