Revamp your home for the festive season, Here are some tips!

With a few days left for Durga Puja, the city is getting decked up to soak in the celebration. Thinking of turning your homes festive-ready? Then here are some tips to spruce up your homes this festive season.

Give your wall a vibrant touch

Bare walls may look boring. Break the monochrome by adding a touch of colour. You can install vibrant paintings or art pieces to give a refreshing look to the dull walls. Abstract arts are always in trend. You can go for some DIY to add innovation to the walls. To add some elegance, deck the wall with a vintage mirror. It comes in different sizes and forms.

Brighten up rooms with aesthetic lights

To add a festive quotient, brighten up the rooms with decorative lights. Instead of dim lights, go for antique lampshades or chandlers that exude warm vibes. You can also put up metal made hanging lights and lanterns for a rich and classy look. Want to get a cozy setup? Deck your favourite corner with fairy lights and clip your photos to it.

Notch it up with vibrant cushions and bed covers

Add a little colour to your couch and bed by upgrading the cushion and bed covers. Textiles provide visual glamour to the furniture. Choose a contrasting colour palette to add a pop of perfect colour to the space. Sequin, geometric prints, mix and match of gold printed cushions with bright solid colours may create an eclectic decor to your rooms.

Amp up the window space with stylish curtains

To match up the room decor improvise with the curtains. If you are using bright colours for room decor then keep the curtains minimalist. Use colour tones that are soothing yet lively. For wider window space you can play with two contrasting shades of curtains.

Fill up empty corners with a touch of greenery

Too much furniture yet awkward empty corners? Jam it up with a touch of greenery. Plants are perfect for giving life to otherwise bland and boring room space. Add a freshness of nature by placing a pot of easy-to-care indoor plants that are bold and beautiful. Opt for taller house plants like Areca Palm or Ficus to utilize vertical spaces. Plants bring positivity and nestle perfectly with any uninhabited corner space.

Upgrade tableware to add festive spirit

Selective range of tableware is guaranteed to bring festive cheer to the table. Festivals are incomplete without gastronomic feast, so add a tint of glamour to the table with ceramic or vintage style crockery. Hand painted terracotta sets are also in trend.

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