Autocratic govt in Bangladesh sends democracy, fair elections into exile: Dr Kamal

Gonoforum President Dr Kamal Hossain has said the electoral system in Bangladesh is now on the verge of collapse and becomes questionable.

“Despite the objections of most of the political parties, the Election Commission (EC) is now taking preparation to conduct the voting through EVM (electronic voting machines) in 150 constituencies, which is a dreadful ominous sign for the nation. The nation wants to get rid of such a suffocating situation,” he said while speaking at a press conference at the Jatiya Press Club on Saturday (Sept 17).

Dr Kamal observed that the country is now facing a very grave situation. “Democracy has been sent to exile, an anarchic situation is prevailing in the country due to anti-people activities of an authoritarian and autocratic government in power,” he said.

Referring to the price hike of daily essentials and fuel oils, he said people’s sufferings have mounted due to the government’s mismanagement and decisions in favour of looters.

The Ganoforum president said the country’s law and order have collapsed. “Murder, killing, enforced disappearance, rape and repression on opposition political party activists have increased manifold. As a result, observance of political programmes peacefully has become very difficult.”

The veteran politician said greed for money and power have sickened the current politics with a terrible disease. “A healthy politics by removing this disease can fulfill the aspirations of people.”

“We can’t allow the current state of uncertainty to continue. I call upon all conscious citizens, all civic organisations, students, workers, doctors, engineers, lawyers, teachers, journalists, other professionals and women’s organisations, to come up with a demand for the formation of a structure of a free and fair polls to resolve the crisis,” he said.

Dr Kamal said, “The nation wants to get rid of the destroyed electoral system. We all must protect the country with our united efforts,” he said.

“It will surely be possible to save the country and its economy if we all get united. Let’s get united, it’s my call to you. Let’s build people’s unity, citizens’ unity,” he said.

“Go to your respective areas and tell local people that this country belongs to all of us. We should all unite and save this country. I want to put huge emphasis on unity,” Dr Kamal said.

At the press conference, a 101-member full-fledged committee of Gonoforum was also announced with Dr Kamal Hossain its President and Mizanur Rahman new General Secretary.

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