Jatiya Party isn’t with AL anymore: GM Quader

Opposition Jatiya Party chairman Ghulam Muhammed Quader has said his party is not with Awami League-led Grand Alliance anymore.

“Jatiya Party was not in any alliance in the last parliamentary election. However, it had an understanding [with Awami League] over the candidates in some constituencies.

“At that time, our leaders and activists worked for Awami League candidates based on seat sharing elections in some constituencies. In response, Awami League leaders and activists also worked for Jatiya Party candidates. Because of it, we have a friendly relation with Awami League,” he said while addressing as the chief guest at the National Hindu Representative Conference organized by the Bangladesh National Hindu Mohajot at Mahanagar Natyamanch in the capital on Friday (September 16).

GM Quader, who is also the Deputy Leader of Opposition in the Parliament, said, “We are always in favor of the country and the people. In this case, if Awami League really does good work, then we will be with them, as we were. And if we lose confidence in them, if people lose confidence in them, then we may not be with them in future.”

A fair election is not possible through EVMs, Jatiya Party Chairman said, “We want a fair election. That is not possible through EVMs. If there are EVMs, it will be a rigged election, the government will be able to pass whoever it wants. EVMs are peaceful rigging machines. We think there will be no acceptable election through EVMs.”

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