What triggers anger? Expert offers insights

Anger has always been categorised as a negative feeling. However, it is an outburst of emotions that provide information about the way we feel. Sometimes we go through situations which can affect the way we feel and impact our anger, Hindustan Times reported.

Psychotherapist Emily H Sanders addressed anger issues and spoke of the triggers that impact anger.

Often, we are misunderstood and the person we are speaking to may not understand what we mean. When it goes on happening for multiple times, it can trigger anger.

In social situations, when we talk or communicate, we sometimes get interrupted. This gives us a feeling of being inferior. This can also trigger anger.

A state of confusion can drive us to anxiety – this also helps in triggering anger and other outbursts.

When we experience injustice, especially for ourselves or our near and dear ones, we feel the surge of anger and helplessness. That drives to action later.

Respect is a basic thing which we all deserve. That’s why, when we are devoid of it and disrespected, we feel anger.

Being taken for granted and being taken advantage of can trigger anger and urge us to take actions.


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