Holding AL conference closing educational instts: Dipu Moni expresses regret

Education Minister Dipu Moni has expressed regret for holding the triennial conference of Thana and Ward unit of Awami League on Monday (July 25) by halting the activities of some educational institutions.

She was present there as chief guest.

“Political meetings or rally will not be allowed by stopping teaching in educational institutions. However, if there is no alternative system in that area, the programmes can be organized on school-college closure days,” the minister made the statement while attending an event at International Mother Language Institute in the capital’s Shegunbagicha on Wednesday night.

On Monday, the triennial conference of Thana and Ward unit Awami League was organised at Chairman Bari area in Dakshinkhan in the capital closing five educational institutions.

The educational institutions have been kept closed from 9am-2pm for pandel and hanging up banner-posters, according to the report published in media.

Minister Dipu Moni said that she was totally unaware of this. After leaving from there, she came to know that the field where the conference took place is used as a complex by the educational institutions around it.

“I’m embarrassed, hope that you will forgive me. I request all if anyone organise this type of programme, please organise it on closing day through discussion with the concerned authorities,” the Minister said.


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