Bongo is ready to grab audience with the Tale of Classic Romance & Fantasy Beauty and the Beast

“Give me a kiss, and to that kiss a score;

Then to that twenty, add a hundred more.
~Robert Herrick


“A true kiss turns even a beast into Prince Charming again.”

Why do audiences always become so mesmerized by star-striking love? In poetry, drama, or even movies, from Shakespeare to Robert Frost? The answer is simple. Because they like the magical bonding of true love, especially with a guaranteed happy ending. A true romantic drama under a fairytale vibe, Léa Seydoux’s Beauty and the Beast has all the charm to believe in true love. And if you are a Romeo or Juliet by heart, then stay calm & relaxed.

Bongo, the nation’s largest and leading Bangla streaming platform, brings a French-German Co-Production, the Romance-Fantasy genre film ‘Beauty & the Beast.’ In the movie, Léa Seydoux performed as Beauty & Vincent Cassel as the Beast. Christophe Gans directs the film. The film first premiered in France on 12 Feb 2014 and was later released in Berlin, Germany, on 14 Feb 2014, the day of Valentine’s.

The film originates from the original Grimm fairytale of Beauty and the Beast, which is taken from classic French Folktales. And the film itself is a French-German Co-production that brings out the story’s authenticity.
The story starts when a widowed merchant shipwrecks on the sea and becomes bankrupt. He has to move countryside from the lavishing city with his 6 children. Despite this sudden change, nobody except the merchant’s younger daughter Belle seems happy. One day the merchant gets the news that one of his ships safely reached the shore. With a surge of happiness, he asked his children what they wanted as a return gift. When everyone has a choice on their list, Belle only wishes to bring her father back safely with a rose for her. With luck, the merchant takes refuge in a magical castle with a broken heart because he had to pay his debt with the ship’s findings. But in the magical castle, all merchants’ wishes came true until he took the liberty to take a mystical rose for her dear daughter Belle against the permission of the castle owner, The Beast. The merchant now needs to live with the Beast in his castle. Learning his father’s fate, Belle took her father’s place and went to the magical castle alone.


Then what happened to Belle, her family, and the Beast!
How does the cursed spell bestowed upon the Beast break down?
Can true love really change fate?


Find the answers to the surprising part of this dazzling romance fantasy “Beauty & the Beast” that all can enjoy with Bongo in Bangla.


The film earned a total of US$49.1 million internationally. In Japan, it topped the box office on its release, making it the first non-English-language foreign film to top the Japanese box office since Red Cliff II in 2009 and the first French film to top the Japanese box office since Mathieu Kassovitz’s The Crimson Rivers in 2001.

The film itself won César Awards for Best Production Design in 2015. Also got 3 nominations, 2 nominations for César Awards for Best Cinematography, Best Production Design & another in European Film Awards (2014) EFA People’s Choice Awards.


Bongo’s Head of Licensing and Distribution, Karoline Hoeppner, said, “Bongo is pleased to publish fantasy classic romance for our entertainment-seeking audience. We believe our audience will love it wholeheartedly. Now they can see numerous English blockbusters across genres as per their choice. Bongo is thrilled to enrich its content library with more international titles, and Bongo aims to cater to the most diverse content portfolio in the country. We cannot wait to release more global content in Bangla and see how our country’s audience perceives the titles.”

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