Bongo brings ‘Harsh Times’ as ‘Bondhu Amar’ Friday

Video streaming platform Bongo will release Christian Bale’s “Harsh Times” dubbed in Bangla as “Bondhu Amar” Friday.

Christian Bale (Jim) plays the role of a Gulf War veteran, and he believes it is his sworn duty to protect Americans by policing the streets of Los Angeles. His dreams are shattered when he is rejected by the Los Angeles Police Department, reports UNB.

But, Jim is soon offered a position in the Department of Homeland Security, leading him to recruit his unemployed best friend Mike (Freddy Rodriquez). The story revolves around how they fight against a lurking crime.

Bongo already released comedy film “The Good Girl” dubbed in Bangla as “Nishidhdho Prem.” Here, Jennifer Anniston portrays the role of a depressed woman who lives with her husband in a small local town in Texas. Out of boredom, she starts an affair.

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