Yoga and music form the ultimate duo: Experts share insights

Yoga and music have always shared an intricate combination. It is believed that for centuries, yoga chants and mantras have been used to drive the thoughts away to be able to connect with the inner self.

Speaking to HT Lifestyle, Manisha Sharma, Yoga expert, Sitarist and actor, said, “Yoga and music are two sides of the same coin with a mystical link in between. Both yoga and music connect us to universal energies. While the human mind’s finite consciousness transcends through music to connect with larger consciousness, yoga leads to the union of individual consciousness with the universal energies. Yoga and music together are akin to a powerful interplay of actions, emotions, introspection and silence, thereby expediting our journey to inner realisation.”

Yoga Master Akshar further noted down how music and yoga form the ultimate combination to silence the thoughts and the worries and look inwards and have an introspection.

Music and yoga for altered state of mind: Music brings you closer to yourself and makes you forget everything around you so that you are so involved within your own being. Yoga is also a practice that ultimately aims to bring inner union between you and your higher state of consciousness.

Music and yoga for inner union: In the practice of yoga, your breath is like the music that you must weave into the flow of your meditation, asanas, and pranayama. No matter what kind mood you are in whether you are sad, angry, anxious, frustrated or any other negative emotion when music starts playing you will immediately feel uplifted. Music plays the part of another energy that is there to support you and cheer you up.

Spiritual growth: One cannot experience the magic of music by reading about it or talking about it. You have to listen to music to become wrapped up in another worldly feeling. Similarly, yoga is an applied science and you will gain the benefits of yoga only when you get on your mat and start practicing. For example, mantras and chants like Shiva Tandav Stotram, and Devi Stutis can be played during your yoga practise for a heightened spiritual experience.

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