Sunamganj’s deltaic parts hit by flood again

The low-lying areas of Sunamganj have been hit by floods again after 15 days.

The water level of all rivers of the district including Surma, Jadukata, Kushiyara has increased due to incessant rain and onrush of upstream hilly waters.

The water of Surma river is flowing 11cm above the danger level at Nabinagar point of Sunamganj.

Chatok, Doyara Bazar, Bishwamvarpur and lower parts of Tahirpur have been marooned.

Tahirpur- Bishwamvarpur -Anwarpur highway is under water and communication with the district is snapped.

Nobinagar, Jail Road, Sahebbari and low-lying of Boropara of Sunamganj have been submerged.

Similarly, Water Development Board predicted that the second phase flood may deteriorate.

The rainfall of Sunamganj was recorded at 89mm in the last 24 hour. Besides, the water level may increase due to heavy rain in Asham and Meghalaya in India.

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