Price of garlic, sugar increase

The price of sugar has increased in Mymensingh in recent week. It is being sold at Tk 83-84 per kilogram. On the same time, price of Indian garlic has increased.

Apart from this, potatoes and lentil price have also increased at Shombhugonj bazar in the district. Due to increase of food price, fish production has also decreased. As a result, the price of fish has increased at Tk30-Tk40 per kg.

Sources said traders are selling domestic garlic at Tk 120 per kg which was at Tk80 a week ago while Indian garlic is being sold at Tk 200 per kg from Tk 180 in the kitchen market.

Local potatoes are being sold at Tk 30 per kg from Tk 25 while ginger at Tk 80 per kg from Tk 75. In addition, onion is being sold at Tk 35 per kg.

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