Bangladesh expatriates send record remittance ahead of Eid

Bangladesh expatriates have sent record amount of remittance marking the Eid-ul-Fitr.

Bangladeshis living abroad sent more than Tk 12,000 crore in 21 days to bear the extra expenses of their family members on the occasion of Eid.

Expert concerned hope that the amount will exceed Tk 17,000 crore before the Eid.

As per the information received from Bangladesh Bank, the country received 140 crore 70 lakh US dollar as remittance in the first 21 days of the current month. The amount is estimated at over Tk 12,128 crore (1 US dollar is Tk 86.20). If this trend continues, the amount will be Tk 17,000 crore or $200 crore before the Eid, hoped the officials of the central bank.

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