Enjoy the summer heat with the Blueberry ice cream recipe

Blueberry ice cream recipe: Are you an ice cream lover or are you a berry lover? With summer in full swing, berries have overcrowded the market and with the temperatures shooting high, Instant Berry Kulfi sounds like perfect happiness to the belly. So, today we have gathered a recipe for Blueberry ice cream which you will surely love.

Enjoy the summer heat with the Blueberry ice cream recipe:


½ cup assorted berries

1 cup condensed milk

1 cup heavy whipping cream

1 tablespoon maple syrup


Put the berries in a blender along with the maple syrup and give it a mix. Once done, divide the mixture evenly to fill the bottom part of 6 kulfi/popsicle molds.

Pour condensed milk and heavy whipping cream into the same blender. Give it a whisk and pour it on top of the berry mixture in the molds. Allow the kulfi/popsicle molds to freeze for 30 minutes.

Take out the kulfi/popsicle molds and insert a stick in the center of each of the molds and let it freeze completely. It should take 5 hours to set completely.

To release the kulfi from the mold, take a glass of warm water and dip the mold carefully by holding the sticks.

Then, grip the mold tightly and pull the kulfi out. If the weather is warm, it should happen without much effort. If it’s cold, then you might have to dip the mold in warm water a few times, The Statesman reported.


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