Why you must include sweet potato or shakarkandi in your diet

Sweet potatoes are packed with nutrition.

Winter brings with it an abundance of seasonal fruits and vegetables which is nature’s way of immunising our bodies against the changing weather, pollution, dryness, and the chill. From spinach, carrots, lettuce, peppers and peas to berries, apples, kiwis, and guavas, India has an abundance of seasonal foods that must be enjoyed during winter.

Another such winter special is the sweet potato or shakarkand which is also suggested by nutritionists as it helps keep the body warm from within because of its longer digestion time.

As such, Rujuta Diwekar recently shared an Instagram post dedicated to “the magic of sweet potato”.

The celebrity nutritionist, who promotes organic, local, and soulful foods, wrote, “Anna is the sarvottam aushadha, food is the best medicine, say the scriptures. The one that is grown in your soil, fresh in the season and eaten with gratitude, says both our culture and common sense.”

“Ratala, ratalu, shakarkandi, sweet potato 🍠 is here but where are you?”, writes Diwekar followed by the benefits of sweet potato:

– The fibrous vegetable is safe for everyone to eat, the ones battling obesity, PCOD, and diabetes especially.
– Makes for a great snack and allows for quick recovery from training.
– The vitamin A will fight all infections, the anthocynins will keep your skin supple, the minerals and vitamin B profile will keep the bloating, acidity and constipation away.

“Basically if you have drunk too much, slept too little, and partied too hard, this is what you should be eating”, advises Diwekar.

She also followed it up with a sweet potato preparation in Marathi style called ‘ratalyacha kees’ made with sweet potato and “adequate help from ghee, curry patta, green chilli, jada namak and peanut powder.”

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