Shakrain festival today

The people of Old Dhaka are celebrating Shakrain festival, a long-standing cultural tradition of the community, marking the last day of ninth month of Bengali calendar today.

Usually, people fly kites, sky-lanterns popularly known as fanus, let off fireworks, and spend time with their friends and family members on rooftops till midnight, celebrating the day.

Youths will fly kites in the morning and release paper lanterns after sunsets. They will also set off spectacular fireworks in the evening.

They also prepare different traditional foods and serve those to their near and dear ones, marking the day, also known as Poush Shankranti.

Residents of Sutrapur, Narinda, Wari, Faridabad, Lalbagh and some other areas will celebrate the day today according to Bangla Academy calendar while the inhabitants of Shakhari Bazar, Tanti Bazar, Goalnagar, Rajar Deuri and Judge Court areas will observe the day tomorrow following the Bangla Panjika date.

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