Nation welcomes New Year 2022

Bidding adieu to the eventful 2021 with minimalistic celebrations amid the restrictions caused by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Bangladesh welcomed the Christian New Year on the first hour of Saturday.

The skyscape of the capital Dhaka was covered with thousands of flashing lanterns and sparkling fireworks, levitating all over the city.

Dhaka residents joined the celebration mostly from the rooftops of their apartments and residences, or empty spaces around their households as the Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) barred all kinds of public celebrations across the country.

However, a large number of people gathered in the TSC area at Dhaka University campus, but due to the instructions of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP), all the outsiders other than the teachers-students and staff of the university had to leave in the evening. There were multiple police checkposts at the entrances of the university and also everywhere across the city.

Students of Dhaka University gathered at the foot of the TSC Raju sculpture and the entire area was illuminated by fireworks and flying lanterns. Simultaneously, fireworks were also set off all over the city, once the clocks reached 12:01 am, welcoming the English New Year.

Due to the restrictions by DMP, Dhaka went into the zen mode way before midnight. Shops and markets shut down earlier than usual, although several five-star hotels and suits arranged special celebratory activities to cater for the guests in celebration of the 31st night.

Supporting the restrictions, many of the netizens in Dhaka celebrated during the daytime and afternoon as this year’s New Year falls into the weekly holiday schedules. Restaurants and shops welcomed the customers with special offers.

Many of the netizens celebrated the occasion with barbecue parties on their rooftops as well, as part of the homely celebrations.

“Although we are used to observing and participating in the jovial celebrations across the city upon the arrival of the English New Year in recent years, the ongoing pandemic refrained the netizens from doing so, for the last two years. And it is understandable, so we are celebrating with fireworks-lanterns and barbecues from the rooftop of our apartment with our neighbours and friends,” Bakhtiar Hasan, a resident in the city’s Mohammadpur, told UNB.

With minimal yet festive approaches and activities, the city is all set to welcome the maiden sunrise of 2022, in the hope of living with good tidings and a pandemic-free future.

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