President urges parties to guide politics towards right direction

President M Abdul Hamid on Monday called upon all political parties to come forward to guide politics towards the right direction as he held talks with Bangladesh Tariqat Federation (BTF) and Khilafat Majlis (KM) today as a part of forming an acceptable Election Commission (EC).

“It’s not enough to express the goodwill only . . . It is possible to arrange a fair and participatory polls, if we can inspire people in the field instead of sitting at home only,” Press Secretary Joynal Abedin quoted the President as saying during the talks this evening, BSS rewports.

Seeking the cooperation of all the political parties in this regard, the President said the EC formation is a constitutional obligation and the main objective of the dialogue is only to constitute an acceptable EC.

President Hamid hoped that it would be possible to form an efficient, strong and the acceptable election commission on the basis of discussions with the political parties.

Khilafat Majlis Secretary-General Dr Ahmed Abdul Quader led an eight-member delegation in the discussion.

The KM placed a five-point proposal to the President, including enacting a timely law for the formation of the Election Commission, neutralizing and strengthening the EC and maintaining the electoral environment.

Earlier, a seven-member delegation of BTF led by Syed Nazibul Bashar Maizbhandari MP, sat in dialogue with the President at 4 pm.

The Tarikat Federation has made four proposals including, enacting a timely law for the formation of Election Commission in accordance with the Constitution of Bangladesh, forming a search committee with the inclusion of civil society representatives including a media representative in there and with non-inclusion of any anti-liberation forces’ member in the EC.

President Hamid held a talk with the Jatiya Party, the main opposition party in the Jatiya Sangsad, on December 20.

He held talks with six political parties to date. The President will hold a dialogue with Workers Party of Bangladesh (WPB) tomorrow (December 28) at 4 pm.

Besides, talks with Bangladesh Nationalist Front (BNF) and Islamic Oikya Jote will be held at 4 pm and at 6 pm respectively on Wednesday (December 29).

The dialogue will be held with Gano Forum at 6 pm and Bikalpa Dhara Bangladesh (BDB) at 7 pm on January 2 (Wednesday) and talks with the Ganotantri Party and Bangladesh Communist Party, respectively will be held at 6 pm and 7 pm on January 3 (Monday).

However, no date has been set for talks with other political parties.

Secretaries concerned of Bangabhaban were also present during the talks.

Earlier, a series of dialogues were held with the participation of political parties ahead of the ninth, tenth, and eleventh parliamentary polls.

The President has the authority to appoint the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) and up to four Election Commissioners.

In the last few terms, the President formed the Election Commission on the basis of the recommendations of the ‘Search Committee’.

The current EC’s five-year term will expire on February 14 next year.

The President of the Republic will form an election commission, under which the 12th parliamentary elections will be held.

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