DB interrogates actor Emon

The detective branch (DB) of police has interrogated Dhaliwood star Mamnun Hasan Emon over the leak of a phone conversation between state minister for Information and Broadcasting Murad Hassan and film actress Mahiya Mahi.

He was interrogated at Minto Road’s DB office on Monday night.

Harun Or Rashid, joint commissioner of DB (North), confirmed the news.

Earlier, a phone conversation among Murad Hassan, Mahi and Emon went viral on social media.

On Monday night, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has ordered Murad to resign from his cabinet post after the audio leaks went viral on social media.

Later, Mahiya Mahi uploaded a video on Facebook on Monday night.

In the video, the actress, who went on an Islamic pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia, said she was a “victim of circumstances”.

“The person who embarrassed me so much has received what he deserves,” she said, effectively calling Murad’s departure in disgrace from the cabinet a divine punishment.

She also said she was trying to avoid Murad’s indecent proposal in the phone call and was lost for words to protest the vulgar language.

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