Regulatory and Disciplinary Law Specialist Barrister Islam has been appointed as Legal Consultant of London Bangla Press Club

By Akbar Hussain:

Barrister Islam Khan of Church Court Chamber, an active lawyer in the mainstream, has been appointed as a legal consultant for the London Bangla Press Club. The appointment was unanimously approved at the meeting of the executive committee of the press club on 5th October.

He is a Public Access Barrister. He works in Public Law, Regulatory and Disciplinary Law, Charity and Criminal Law. Barrister Islam Khan, who has a long experience as a legal advisor to various charities in the British-Bangladeshi community, has already agreed as an independent legal adviser to provide appropriate advice in the interest of the club as a whole. However, he will not take any professional fee for this.

It is to be noted that he has been giving advice on various issues of the club on a voluntary basis for a while.

The club feels that it needs the help of an experienced lawyer to increase the scope and activities of the organization day by day, ( ie Charity Commission, property, other regulations etc) and especially the constitutional issues at any time.

A brief profile of Mr Khan

From now on, this legal consultant will provide necessary advice and assistance in these matters of the club.

Islam Khan started working from a very young age in various respective fields to hold and support his family together; he came to the Bar with life experience with a varied career background from becoming a chef to owning my own catering businesses and working as a host at the Millennium Dome.

Islam Studied law as a mature student whilst working full time as a civil servant in various departments of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. This included the Human Rights Policy Department, UK-visas, Consular and heading the Benefits, Pay and Policy section of HR. He also served overseas as an Entry Clearance Officer in Lagos, Nigeria.

Islams main practice is defending in serious crime. In particular, Conspiracy related crime, all Proceeds of Crime, Fraud, Drugs and Immigration related criminal fraud. He is also often instructed on serious violence including murder and manslaughter and gang violence. Islam is instructed on appeals against sentence and conviction regularly.

Islam is also instructed by individuals who often find themselves in disputes with the GMC, NMC, SRA, BSB and the UK Charities commission. He is instructed by a number or organisations across the country in relation to HR policy and regulatory matters including charity commission and constitutional disputes in charitable institutions.

Islam is an expert in appeals on Asylum, Trafficking, Deportation and Urgent removal hearings (including out of hours injunction) and bail hearings with many years of experience. He was involved in the Court of Appeal case of Quila researching on points of law for Bibi and others challenging the UK government’s age bar policy on overseas marriages that lead to striking down legislation.

Whilst sitting on a number of panels in Tower Hamlets he advises a number of charitable organisations across the country and has developed an array of knowledge in the area of charitable organisations and the legal implications. Notably, he was involved in engaging various stakeholders to diffuse the Shajalal mosque fiasco in Tower Hamlets that was widely reported. He has been legal advisor to the Council of Mosques, the Stifford Centre in Tower Hamlets and has worked at Bail for Immigration Detainees, Fair Trials International, Hackney Law Centre and was an active mediator for Tower Hamlets Mediation Services.

Islam has a keen developing interest in probate/administrative of estates law. He obtained above and beyond a first class in this topic during his Academic studies leading my personal tutor commenting “I am professionally pleased and delighted to give these marks for this topic”. He often draft Islamic Wills for members of the community free of charge, subject to a donation to a charitable cause and have been advising and instructed on probate matters.

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