Khadija’s ‘Mirror Diva’ creating possibilities for makeup artists

Khadija Islam Reem has been in love with makeup and accessories since her childhood. She would smile the brightest whenever she would hear about makeup and would go and sit in front of the mirror. So when she couldn’t complete her studies and was married off before her graduation, she devoted all her free time on various in international makeup courses. Those courses were mainly on makeup, hair cutting, hair color, and nails.

Within a very short time, she won people’s heart and highly appreciated by the people. So people would want her to do their makeup. This made her more interested to stick to her ongoing path. She then started her page “Mirror Diva by Reem” which has about 2,00,000 members now. She never had to look back since then. All the good feedback and love from people motivated her to start her own makeup tutorial videos. She started only with a chair and a mirror. Things started changing when she opened her parlor “Reem’s Makeover Studio.” Here she added that her parents and her elder daughter “Suraa” have been the biggest inspiration and motivation of her life.

She started with almost nothing but today she has a team of 10 expert beauticians. She even started her own clothing line – “Fashion City by Reem.” She received several international courses on designing too.

Reem is a Fashion Enthusiast, Beauty Blogger, Influencer, and Entrepreneur. She shows us we can be unstoppable if we are determined. She not only beautifies people’s appearances, but she also encourages others to build their career by their own talent and hard work. She celebrates other’s joys and success. She believes in healthy competition. She has been trained by renowned artists and beauticians like Saleha Sarwar, Selina Monir, and Tomolina. She has special skills in styling, gel nail extensions, hair color, beauty tips, etc.

Above all, she is a promoter. She promotes different brands. She likes to beautify other’s careers. She likes to boost other’s confidence; both in online and offline workshops.

We can definitely look up to her as a role model who didn’t let her boundaries stop her, rather she evolved and continued to evolve. You all are requested to visit her page, parlor and enlighten your inner spark to create your own identity. Anyone of any age can visit her parlor. It’s very popular among teenagers and kids for piercings. Haircutting and set up facial, pedicure-manicure massage, and other beauty care facilities are also available.

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