Work on to build Bangabandhu Satellite-2: Mustafa Jabbar

The Bangladesh government has already taken the initiative to build and launch Bangabandhu Satellite-2, Telecommunications and ICT Minister Mustafa Jabbar has said.

“Work has already started to implement the launch of Bangabandhu Satellite-2. The government is determined to develop and launch the satellite within the stipulated time, as promised in our party’s election manifesto,” the Minister said on Wednesday night.
He was speaking at a virtual event organised by Bangladesh Satellite Company Limited (BSCL) to mark the fourth anniversary of the launch of Bangabandhu Satellite-1.

“Experts are working to determine whether Bangabandhu Satellite-2 will be a communication satellite or an earth observation or weather satellite,” the Minister said.

Other speakers at the event hailed Bangabandhu Satellite-1 as a milestone in the space history of Bangladesh and also discussed its success and benefits.

“May 12, 2018, was the day to fulfill the dream of Bengalis to conquer space. On that day, the country’s first communication satellite Bangabandhu Satellite-1 was launched from Florida’s Kennedy Space Station in the US. Bangladesh has been enlisted as the 57th satellite-launching nation in the world,” the Minister said.

BSCL Chairman Shahjahan Mahmud presided over the virtual event, while BSCL acting Managing Director Mohammad Abdul Hannan presented the key address.

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