Police have launched movement pass

Bangladesh Police launched ‘movement pass’ for people, who want to go out for emergencies during the strict restrictions, imposed to tackle the worsening situation of coronavirus, which is going into effect from Wednesday.

People can obtain the pass by visiting: movementpass.police.gov.bd but it must be for emergencies.Conditional permission will be granted for a specified period of time.

Inspector General of Police Benazir Ahmed inaugurated the app at a programme in Dhaka’s Rajarbagh Police Lines Tuesday, a day before the week-long strict lockdown.


Benazir Ahmed said “We don’t want to see anyone on the streets unnecessarily, and we don’t want to put any pressure.Those who want to go outside should take the movement pass and return home as soon as possible.”

“It can be used in case of extreme need. One can apply once with a phone number and a car number plate. Anyone can take a pass in case of important need.”

He said “Even in the midst of an epidemic, if anyone cheats to get out, we will take legal action against them.”

“We’ve to control the second wave of Covid-19 as we did last year, and for this we’ve to refrain from unnecessary movement. Last year, several thousand people had left Dhaka and now many people are leaving it for the last two days, which is unwise” he said.

The police chief also urged people living in villages to stay home for the next seven days and follow the government’s directives to stem the spread of coronavirus.

Mentioning that personal awareness is the key, he said “We must wear masks. Moreover, hygiene rules must be followed. Maintain physical distance, wash hands. We have to follow these rules sincerely.”


Police Headquarters sources said they were seeing a rush for pass applications since the inaugurationthe service.

The server saw around 1,25,000 people across the country have applied for the movement pass in the first hour of the app launch. Moreover, at least 15,000 applications are being submitted per minute, according to Police Headquarter data.

According to the Police Headquarters, movement pass will be required to go out during lockdown in the case of emergency or official work such as getting Covid-19 vaccine immunization, shopping from grocery shops, kitchen markets and medicine shops; having medical services, joining agricultural works, goods transportation, supply, relief materials supply, burial or cremation activities and other things under other categories.

How to apply for movement pass

One needs to visit this link, movementpass.police.gov.bd, and put his or her mobile phone number to have a one-time password in the mobile phone to go through the process to get the movement pass.

Necessary information

People should enter their names, gender, age, reasons for movement, scheduled date and time for movement, NID card, information about vehicles and image.

Like, someone wants to go from Mirpur to Motijheel. He took a pass on April15. He wants the pass for a movement on April16.

As he mentioned, the starting time on April 16 is 2:00pm, the return time is 5:00pm.So, the validity of the pass is till 5:00pm on April16.

However, all are not allowed to have the movement pass. Only those who have emergency reasons for movement can apply for it.

Bangladesh is going to have a strict lockdown from Wednesday to tackle the worsening situation of coronavirus.

The government on Monday announced a set of restrictions to be imposed during the nationwide one-week strict lockdown from 14-21 April.

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