IBM unveils first quantum certification for developers

IBM has announced the launch of its first developer certificate for programming quantum computers. IBM Quantum Developer Certification focuses on IBM’s own software tools, and in particular Qiskit open-source SDK in particular.
Providing this Quantum Developer Certificate, IBM has provided the world’s first Developer Certificate for Quantum Computers. To obtain the certificate, developers must have sufficient experience using the open source Qiskit Software Development Kit correctly (SDK) by answering a variety of questions. Proof must also complete tasks without product documentation, support, or assistance from colleagues.
The test is now available in English and can be taken worldwide.
In addition to the well-known basics of Qiskit, developers generally need to demonstrate their knowledge of the basics of quantum computing. When you as a developer get acquainted with the Blue Sphere, you are probably ready to take the certificate test. The test is provided through the Pearson VU platform.
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