California changes Covid-19 vaccine delivery system amid criticism over slow rollout

California, the city of USA, is revamping its coronavirus vaccine delivery system amid criticism over the slow and inefficient rollout of doses, the California Department of Public Health announced Tuesday.

The new system aims to simplify eligibility, standardize information and data, and address the available supply of doses by streamlining the process, the department said.
California has been hit hard by the pandemic.

Thus far, 2.6 million doses have been administered in the state, which has a population of about 39 million.

Starting next month, all Californians in Phase 1B Tier 1 will be able to make an appointment to receive the vaccine under a standardized system. This includes health care workers, residents over 65 years old, and workers in education, child care, emergency services and food and agriculture sectors.

Instead of counties and hospitals running their own vaccination delivery systems, the state will use a third-party administrator to allocate vaccines directly to providers to maximize distribution efficiency, they said.

The state is also launching a website called “My Turn,” through which residents can get notified once they are eligible for the vaccine.

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