The launch of the Teach Me Islam App and platform (TMI).

Monday 3rd February sees the launch of the Teach Me Islam App and platform (TMI).The app is the brainchild of Nabeela Raza a 25 year old female entrepreneur whose own experiences led her to creating this app.

TMI is all about bringing Islamic education into the 21st century, the new app allows parents to browse tutor profiles and select a local Islamic Tutor for their child / children as well as checking their profile and qualifications and all tutors are DBS checked. Up until now the norm in which children from the Islamic faith are taught is through mass learning either on weekdays or weekends where a class of 15-30 students are sharing the attention of 1 main teacher leaving students disengaged and not benefitting from full sessions. Through Unregulated, old school methods of teaching with teachers who may not hold the correct qualifications, documents to teach.

In a world where time has to be managed and children have so many extracurricular classes TMI alleviates the need for parents to run around dropping their kids to an Islamic school bringing Islamic Education into the comfort and safety of their own home. TMI caters for all ages children and adults with both male and female tutors as one selects.

Nabeela herself was privately educated at the renowned University Jamea Al Kauthar in Lancaster and left with a Masters equivalent in Islamic Theology and Jurisprudence, she is also an early Years educator. Since 2014 Nabeela has been delivering private Islamic education to students within the comfort of their own home and it was here through her solid experience that she realised that there was a great need for qualitative teaching from parents and students, but also identified the need for authentic, well structured programmes as well as a monitoring system for tutors.

With all her experience and knowledge she gained on her journey TMI was born.

Nabeela says

“Since graduating I have made it my goal to spread love, unity and education through the beautiful teachings of Islam in the most interactive, relevant and joyful way for the youth and of the 21st century”

Her aim is to build a platform that is limitless and that brings different social groups together children/adults, educators and parents. TMI vision is also to unite diverse multi- cultural communities from different ages and backgrounds who share the same passion. It wants to make a positive difference in the world where Islam is taught through love, peace and great character.

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