Rare solar eclipse in UAE after 172 years

Rare solar eclipse in UAE after 172 years

The event is called an annular solar eclipse and occurs when the moon covers majority of the sun, except its outer edges – creating a bright solar ring around the moon, often called a ‘ring of fire’.The rare astronomical phenomenon has returned to the UAE after 172 years and will only be visible from Abu Dhabi’s Liwa area for a brief two to three minutes on December 26.

The sun will be covered 91.93 per cent, which will create quite a stellar treat for observers.


UAE timings to view the event


. Duration: 2 hours 21 minutes 32 seconds 

. Duration of annularity: 2 minutes 47 seconds


. Sunrise: 7.01.39 am


. Full annular eclipse begins: 7.35.21am


. Maximum: 7.36.43am


. Full annular eclipse ends: 7.38.08am


. Partial ends: 8.52.34am


(Times are shown in local time)


Don’t watch with naked eyes


*Watching the annular solar eclipse with naked eyes could damage the eyes and even cause blindness

*Observers should use proper equipment to view the event and visit qualified astronomy centres

The annular phase will only be visible from Liwa.

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