Rema Kalenga wildlife sanctuary in Habiganj

Rema Kalenga wildlife sanctuary in Habiganj
Rema Kalenga Wildlife Sanctuary is a reserved forest lies at the border of Bangladesh-India. There are some local inhabitants living inside the forest dispersedly. A Tipra (Tripura) tribal village is near at the border. This forest is rich with flora & fauna and a hideout for a number of rare animals of Bangladesh. It is also a great place for forest trekkers.
Rema Kalenga Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1982. It’s extensive to an area of 1795.54 hectares. This reserve forest is formed with the combination of two forest bits. One is known as Rema, another known as Kalenga Forest Bit. You may visit both or either one of the bits. You can enter to the reserve forest through any of the forest bit and exit through another.

How to go

Rema-Kalenga Reserve Forest is located at the Chunarighat Upazila of Habiganj district, approximately 151 km away from Dhaka and 31 km away from Habiganj. You will have to head to Habiganj, after arriving at Habiganj by CNG auto rickshaw or bus to head towards Habiganj-Shayestaganj highway to reach Chunarighat Upazila where this beautiful place is located. It is approximately 151 km away from Dhaka and 31 km away from Habiganj.

Things to do

Bird safari- It would be a journey which leads to expedition. As a result tourist might find pleasure while exploring the beauty of different birds.
Jungle safari- It’s a great forest for safari. It has an extensive area to cover with an adventurous mind. It’s really an ideal place for forest trekkers.
You can also go for a tea garden tour from here. A photography lover should visit this place to click the wilderness at Rema-Kalenga Reserve Forest.

Eating facilities

A lot of local restaurants are available in Shayestaganj and Chunarighat. These restaurants have their distinctive taste & menu to try.

Travel tips

Best Time to Visit: is from 01 October to 30 April. Tourists may consider carrying their own food and water as there are no restaurants inside the forest.
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