‘People think their perfect partner will fall from the sky’

‘People think their perfect partner will fall from the sky’

BondingTV shows or a web series can at times help a couple bond easily. Bhonsle says, “Some shows can become excellent ice breakers to start a conversation, where they can relate to each other as friends. The foundation of robust relationships is based on an even more robust friendship.”


Sometimes, rom-coms are dramatised and exaggerated on-screen. However, thanks to the influence it has on our subconscious minds, it increases the chance of misconceptions to creep in our relationships. Viveck Shettyy, life coach says, “The concept of a soulmate has been so overdone in Indian and Western movies. People assume that their Mr/Mrs Perfect will fall from the sky. They forget the importance of communication and companionship when it comes to resolving an issue, and conclude that their partner is not their ‘soulmate’ without addressing issues.”

Rekindling the romance

Sometimes a movie or a TV show is exactly what is needed to resurrect the interest level in a relationship. Bhonsle says, “It is possible for a couple to feel bored of each other. People start feeling like they have seen every facet of each other’s personalities — met their friends, have gone to various places, restaurants and holidays. In such cases, on-screen romances, where love often lasts forever, helps give a new lease of life.”

ComparisonsPeople often compare their real life relationships with the one shown in the reel life. Neeta V Shetty, psychotherapist, says, “People often compare their partners, relationships and marriages with on-screen characters, thus disregarding the reality and trying to live in the fantasy world, which results in having unrealistic expectations from their partner.”

Creating Conflicts

Many characters portrayed on screen these days are often headstrong and gender specific. This tends to develop conflicts in a relationship. Shetty says, “Women are either shown as a helpless soul or as a strong feminist, which is far from reality. Men, on the other hand, are not supposed to have emotions or cry on screen. These misconceptions affect relationships.”

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