4 tips and treatment for summer hair repair

4 tips and treatment for summer hair repair

So, here are some tips and treatments that will be constructive for your hair.


Trim Your Dead Ends


The tips of your hair take a lot of thrashing during the summer. No matter, if you have pin-straight strands or waves, all hair types can benefit from a simple trim. Summer is the ultimate time to give yourself a fresh haircut, but if you don’t want to shorten your hair, opt for a slight trim that will take care of the dry and split ends and bring back life to your hair.

Opt for Deep Conditioning Treatments


Summers are a harsh time for your tresses, so hair care treatments are essential. Hair tends to get thinner, drier and more delicate and if you uncover your hair to the sun, you need to care for it more frequently. So, bring dull, distressed hair back to existence with deep conditioning treatments. These treatments make sure that your hair is hydrated and nurtured. The most acclaimed deep conditioning treatment is the Protein enriched one.


Go for a Keratin Treatment


Summer season is all about frizzy and non-lustrous hair, so to avoid this further opt out for Keratin treatment to make your hair look healthier. Keratin treatment dives into the follicles and inject permeable areas with a necessary hair protein. This results into restoring your hair moisture and saying bye to frizzy hair.


The Extentioniste Hair Spa


As the summer season kick-starts, your hair needs to get prepped to withstand all the damage that is done due to harmful rays. If you are looking for a treatment to make your tresses strong enough to survive, the Extentioniste hair spa is your best play. One of the most recent treatments to definitely try in this humid weather, it targets the length, roots and ends. The hair spa involves moisturizing the roots three times with Extentioniste creams, leaving no split ends and zero breakage.


(Mr.Samay Dutta- Director, Noir the Luxury Blow Bar)

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