First ever 100Mbps internet service network launched

A private internet service provider today launched Bangladesh’s first ever 100Mbps internet network along with internet telephony connection and internet TV.
ICC Communications’ three services in one cable, called triple play service, will ensure fastest internet to users through underground fibre-optic network, said a release.
“Broadband users are concerned about internet disconnection due to various reasons including storm, rain and cable cutting, and that’s why we have developed this service to ensure dedicated service,” said Atiqur Rahman, general manager of ICC Communications.
“ICC has created an underground fibre-optic network to keep users away from the anxiety over internet disconnection,” he said.
Initially, this network is being built in Gulshan area of the capital and will soon be expanded across the country, he said in the press release.
Though ICC has the capacity to provide 100 Mbps internet service, they also have some other offers like 15 Mbps, 30 Mbps ad 50 Mbps packages both for home and offices.
After obtaining the permission from the telecom regulator, ICC Communications, a nationwide ISP, IPTSP and IPTV operator, is now providing internet and IP telephony services in almost 40 districts of the country.

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