5 braids to up your style quotient

5 braids to up your style quotient

When you have the same look for weeks or months, you get bored and want to transform your look. Braids have become a huge trend in recent times. Young girls are sporting this look for  casual days and also for parties. Even the celebrities are sporting braids on the Red Carpet and also on the ramp.


So for a change, you can opt for few braid styles with which you will get an amazing makeover.


French braid: You can amaze people with your amazing looks as this style defines simplicity with elegance. And you would not need any special hair product or any hair accessory. It goes well with jeans as well as with formal dresses. French braid keeps the entire head neatly braided in to plaits. It is done by taking three small portions at the top of your head and then gradually coming to the nape by adding sections of hair to the plait. At the nape you can either make a regular braid or a fishtail braid as per your wish. Though it is one of the most common yet the most loved braid style.

Waterfall braid: For a splendid look, try this hairstyle. It seems lovely on any face cut. The style does wonders to those who like to put dark eye make-up. It adds outlook and shape to your chin and forehead. This hairstyle is one of the coolest hairstyle for a casual day and also a sophisticated one for a formal gathering. Styling this braid needs long and thick hair. You can sport this hairstyle at weddings as well. A waterfall braid adds instant volume, in addition to looking pretty damn good on a long set of locks. Elegant, yet cool for a no-fuss finish and a stylish optical illusion. It gets a touch of romance with small flowers in-between strands.


Twisted loose fishtail braid: Try this hairstyle of a trendy look for all seasons. It really looks gorgeous on round face girls as it enhances structure of their face. An open neck can give a feel of sexiness. This braid will give the look of a fairy-tale creature. It is also perfect for a romantic date. The style mixes a loose fishtail braid with random twists for a relaxed appearance. Finish the look by bringing out loose strands of hair to face. For extra oomph, add a minimal pin or pretty blossom. As opposed to a traditional half-up, half-down do, use only a section of the crown to twist a loose fishtail braid. Simple twists instantly perk up signature beach waves.


Crown braids: Are you looking for a braid which is easy to carry? Then you should try this one as you would not need to check in the mirror every now and then. This messy braid is for those who want something different in their look and want to have a bold avatar. These braids take a good time to be woven as small sections of hair from the crown area are added as the braid advances. This braid works well for both medium as well as long hair and is best for curly hair beauties. You can add on different accessories to make it look chic. Crown braids stop mid-way before a carefree pony or bun or second braid.


One-sided fishtail braid: This braid is completely the style of the season. It looks really good at office or anywhere you go. This long braid hairstyle brushed on one side looks stylish as well as easy to handle. One-sided fishtail braid addresses your features in a subtle manner giving you an authentic look.  It is woven by taking small sections of hair like a standard braid that looks like a fishtail or a herringbone. As you have to take very small sections of hair each time, so it is better to use a tail comb while making this hair style. You can see young girls, Bollywood celebrities and models on the ramp sporting this braid trend with full glam.


A good hairstyle style is equal to a good hair day because you feel smarter. It can even complement your simple looks – that is the power of a good hairstyle. Today braids have  different variations.


It is a simple hairstyle that works for all occasions. Besides giving a neat appearance, braids are fun, manageable and make heads turn for sure.


All these braids look equally stylish and chic with any outfit, be it Indian or Western.

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