10 eye make-up trends in 2019

10 eye make-up trends in 2019

It’s particularly true when it comes to eye makeup. Nevertheless, black eyeliner and neutral eye shadow are flattering on just about everyone—and they’re not at all difficult to apply, especially if you’ve been using them on a daily basis.


But following the same old pattern becomes a bit boring, sometimes it can be fun to step outside your makeup comfort zone and try a few new beauty trends.


Post neutral browns, seamlessly tied-in oranges and peachy nudes on the lids in the previous year, this new year is going to be all about loud, bold rainbow brights.

Glowing Skin is the foundation –The fake post-facial make-up trend is making a wave in the beauty industry. Rose-tinted blushes and soft highlighters give that fake a post-facial glow that is and should be worn sparingly over featherweight foundation. This style gives a no-makeup look and is one of the most preferred looks during the summer season. To glam up your look you can wear with a sweep of glitter, either over the eye-lid or in the eye’s corner for a pre-summer radiance.


Matte Skin – Even though  glowing skin is a part of the trend, but matte skin may expect a comeback. Most of the time, people tend to assume the extreme for matte skin, i.e, full coverage and sucked dry make-up look. This look is all about ‘barely-there matte finish’. This is more like a neutral skin finish with no gloss and sheen added to your make-up touch up.


Colours find its way – Gradually everyone is getting bored with neutral colors and want to experiment. Therefore, colors are finding their way into your features. If you want a simple look with a nude lip-gloss and bronze eyes, then a touch of turquoise eyeliner or a red eye shadow will be a perfect addition to your look. This year, the surprise element of colorful makeup will rule, so play around with all the hues in peace.


Multiple contrasting colours – Like an artistic painting, eye-shadow looks are becoming more and more creative. The nudes and warm browns of the past few years are almost fading away, and the new eye trends are going to be all about the bold and bright pops of color like green, pink, purple and yellow all sitting together despite being completely different from each other.


D- Lip – This make-up includes the use of colors to create the illusion of a bigger pout. Creating volume on the bottom lip is becoming an emerging trend. In this, we use a color that is lighter and frosted on the bottom lip to give a plumping effect and then covering it with a transparent colored gloss.This look helps to enhance the tone of your lips without making it look as though you are wearing heavy lipstick.


Bold & bright eyes– A fresh and dewy neutral face combined with a bright pop of color on the eyes is the trendy look of the year. A nude lip and a cool white highlighter paired with intensely loud and saturated eyes can easily summarize the fun that 2019’s beauty trends will be all about. This look will enhance the lit-from-within glow on your face.


Color blocked eyeliner–If you can pair two shades of eyeliner, then why to restrict with one shade? Take the classic cat-eye look to the next level by applying wings right on top of the other in two different colors. Cat eye look is best when done with liquid eyeliner. Some like to pair white and electric blue shades. This multi-dimensional look will continue to trend in 2019 as well.


Monochromatic make-up – The simple technique of getting this look right is to use similar shades on the face in different ways. When you create a monochromatic makeup look, do follow a simple rule i.e., same, but different. This make-up look is all about using the same tones and shades of color like a warm brown on the lips, a similar shade on the cheeks, and a fairer shade on the eyes.


The Metallic look – When we talk about eye-shadows, then heavy metals are in. The metallic eye shadow became a vogue on the beauty scene last year, and it’s only going to be more popular in 2019. For a bold look, apply a metallic eye shadow shade all over your lid from shimmering sapphire, dusky bronze and every twinkle and glimmer in between.


Bright tinted lip balms – Majority of women rely on tinted lip balm as it gives you the best of both world i.e. ample hydration and a gorgeous wash of color. This make-up trend is becoming popular with each passing year. This trend is relied upon throughout the year in every season because who wants to deal with chapped lips. Those who are not a fan of matte lipsticks follow the tinted lip balms.


These make-up trends are fun to follow, but the most important trend that never fades away is just being you. Wear whatever makes you feel best and comfortable. It is important to have a confident expression. Stay in vogue with the latest trend and make a style statement of your own.

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