PM for undertaking uplift schemes not affecting people

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today asked the authorities concerned to take development projects in such a way so that the people are not affected due to it.

“We will definitely undertake development projects, but all will have to keep this in mind that the uplift is made for the people,” she said.

The prime minister made the remarks during the presentation of Moheshkhali-Matarbari Integrated Infrastructure Development Initiative (MIDI) Project at the Prime Minister’s Office here this morning.

After the event, PM’s Speech Writer Md Nazrul Islam briefed reporters.

Sheikh Hasina said the aim of her government is to improve the living standard of the people and all of them can lead a beautiful life.

“When we will undertake development schemes, we’ve to give attention so that the life and livelihood of the poor people are not halted,” she said.

In this regard, the prime minister instructed the authorities concerned to give proper compensation to the people whose lands are acquired for development.

“It’s seen (at many times) that the people whose lands are acquired for development get nothing. So you’ll have to look into the matter so that they get proper compensation,” she said.

While talking about the the development of Cox’s Bazar, Sheikh Hasina said the coastal district was once very neglected and its people used to lead an inhuman life.

“Once upon a time, there was nothing in Cox’s Bazar and the people of the entire region used to depend on only salt and betel leaf cultivation,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina said now her government is developing Cox’s Bazar as a tourist hub. “Besides we’re setting up industries in char areas including Matarbari of the district on the basis of discussion with the community people there,” she said.

The prime minister said that most of the people of Moheshkhali and Matarbari once used to maintain their life and livelihood indigenously and depend on salt and betel leaf cultivation.

Sheikh Hasina said the largest coal-fired power plant of the country, coal jetty and an LNG terminal are being built in Matarbari.

“Besides a multipurpose seaport, special economic zone, road, rail and other relevant projects are being taken there under which 37 schemes have been identified,” she added.

The premier said different countries including Japan, China, India and Korea have already expressed their interest to invest in Matarbari.

Once the projects are implemented, she said, Matarbari will play a big role not only in the development of the region, also in the country’s economy.

At the outset of the function, Paban chowdhury, executive chairman of Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority, handed over a master plan on the MIDI Project to the prime minister.

Ministers and secretaries concerned as well as high officials of the different ministries and departments were present on the occasion.

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