New Zealand school enforces ‘ban’ on hijab

New Zealand school enforces ‘ban’ on hijab


Less than a week after the terror attack in Christchurch that killed 50 muslim worshipers, a top New Zealand girls school has banned the headscarf from its dress code. 

The principal of Diocesan School for Girls, Heather McRae, told staff yesterday the Islamic hijab violated the dress code and was not allowed, according to a teacher at the school.


The Diocesan School for Girls, in Auckland, allegedly told Muslim pupils who wanted to wear the headscarf that it was not part of the school dress code.


The ban has come to light less than a week after Australian terrorist Brenton Tarrant allegedly targeted two mosques during Friday evening prayers, killing 50 Muslims. 

In a statement to the New Zealand Herald the Diocesan’s principal Heather McRae, claimed the school celebrated diversity and inclusion but the uniform policy ‘(created) a sense of oneness and family.’

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