Tesla unveils Model Y electric vehicle with 7-seats

Tesla unveils Model Y electric vehicle with 7-seats


They announced a Model Y range of up to 300 miles for the compact electric SUV based on the Model 3 platform, which is surprisingly going to offer up to 7 seats. 

As anticipated, there’s no big surprise when it comes to Model Y’s design since it is based on Model 3 and meant to be a crossover/compact SUV version of the sedan.

The Model Y design is remarkably similar to Model 3’s design.


CEO Elon Musk had warned us about that, but it is still quite shocking when seeing Model Y in person.

It took a few seconds for my brain to register that I wasn’t seeing a Model 3 – especially since it was right next to a Model X and a Model 3. It is definitely sitting a little higher than Model 3. 

The bigger size enables a total of 66 cubic feet (1.9 cubic meters) of storage space and one of the bigger surprises is that it will indeed have an optional third row for up to 7 seats, which has been rumored.


We have yet to take a good look at the third row (it was folded for the test ride) and Tesla has so far only released picture.

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