Shifting of chemical substances continues

Illegal and risky Chemicals are being shifted from Haji Wahed Mansion in Churihatta of Old Dhaka’s Chawkbazar for the second consecutive day Sunday.

Earlier on Saturday, Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) Mayor Sayeed Khokhon started a drive at the Wahed Mansion to remove all illegal and risky chemical substances stored in buildings.

The chemicals are being moved to the Keraniganj Jhilmil project area under the supervision of DSCC.

While visiting the spot, the mayor said video footage was found that shows the source of fire, referring to a CCTV footage of Hotel Raj Mahal at Nanda Kumar Lane.

“A few days before the fire, I had taken the initiative to remove all chemical warehouses in Old Dhaka. But unfortunately, two days later, such a major fire broke out,” he said.

The mayor also mentioned that residential buildings need to clear and relocate chemical storage.

Stern legal actions will be taken against warehouse owners if they store any flammable chemicals in Old Dhaka from now on, said the Mayor.

He also urged the locals to stay alert so that no one can store any chemical substances.

He gave a hotline number to inform the authorities if anyone stores flammable chemicals, the number is- 9556015.

Until all the chemical warehouses of Old Dhaka are removed, he will continue the operation, Khokon vowed.

At least 67 people were killed in a massive fire that ravaged at least four multi-storey buildings at Nanda Kumar Lane in the Churihatta area of Chawkbazar, Old Dhaka, on Wednesday night.

Wednesday’s fire could have been more devastating if the flames came into contact with the huge stockpile of chemicals in the basement of the building.

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